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Three subcommittees operate under the Community Betterment umbrella: Angel of Hope, Palmyra Food Pantry, and Palmyra Music Boosters. Wider public input is included through surveys and an annual town meeting.
Angel of Hope
Tori Greiving (email)
Phone: 217-242-4855
Palmyra Music Boosters
Gene Wharton (email)
Phone: 217-242-3499


Mission Statement
Palmyra Area Community Betterment Association (PACB) is a Missouri General Not-For-Profit Corporation established for the purpose of rural community development and the fostering of socioeconomic growth.  The mission of PACB is to address issues important to the community and to bring together resources that will improve the quality of life and economic conditions for citizens in the area.


Meetings are open to the public; all community organizations are encouraged to send representatives

Business affairs of the corporation are conducted by an elected seven member Board of Directors who are elected for two year terms.

PACB is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT Corporation and is an IRS approved tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. The registered office of the corporation is at 301 South Main Street, Palmyra, Mo, 63461.


Irene Meyers, President
Elaine Pryor, Vice President
Patty Cheffey, Secretary Rhonda Dodd, Treasurer

Board Members
Janice Shaw
Joelle Fohey
Edward Dent
Additional Representation from Palmyra Chamber of Commerce

301 South Main Street
PO Box 455
Palmyra, M0, 63461